TAP Future+

Future+ means 'future improvement'.

What needs to be done today - to begin to pull back from the proverbial cliff of self-extinction?

Is there still enough time left to avoid our inevitable demise?

What's clear is we cannot keep doing what we are doing. We can't all have everything. We must prioritize, sacrifice and lead lives that do more help than harm - to those would will come next.

Today's world encourages everyone to do whatever it takes to attain all the best things of possibility. But this requires considerable selfishness, wealth accumulation, power influence and short-term thinking and planning. And all these things tend to do more harm than good to others - of today's world and especially of the future world. 

When we are forced into self-survival mode we also tend to do more harm than good to the world at large.

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TAPable is a new information communication (infocomm) tool. It's a tool in the form of a new social media gaming platform - not yet built and launched, but already architected, mocked up and tested.

TAPable was engineered to directly address the core problem of 'narrative control' or controlling what certain powerful people and groups want the masses of the world to believe is reality and its limits. Often narrative control includes non-science, impossibility and completely made-up fiction.

TAPable exists to separate fact from fiction. It moves aside the concept of 'truth' and replaces it with the concept of 'honesty'. Honesty can include non-truth and error in understanding, so is a much more practical concept to work with. Each unique citizen of our human civilization can easily participate with their own honesty and beliefs.

The key to TAPable is encouraging participation and the sharing of one's unique perspective. Once sharing happens then a participant is in a better place to open one's mind to alternative possibility consideration and mind changing.

To survive into the distant future humanity must change its mindset. We must learn to operate within the limitations of our biosphere. We must co-create a endless balancing act with it.

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TAP+ is a card game that helps players find better understanding about many of the core problems of today's world.

The main game is for 3+ players, but it can be played in solitaire mode too.

The game uses a deck of 52 problem concept cards and challenges players to stack cards by their relative core importance

More core problems tend to stem further peripheral problems. Peripheral problems tend to exist because of the more core problems.

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