TAP Future+

How's improvement even possible?

By first creating solutions to core problems.

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Think about all the problems of today's human civilization. Some are new but most have existed since the beginning of our civilization.

Some problems are not actually problems - instead they are universal challenges that can never be eliminated. Universal challenges are things like:

Humans can do little to prevent these - instead they can only prepare action plans, for their emergence into our reality. And very important to have these plans ready to execute.

What TAP focuses on are the human-generated problems of our world and reducing or even eliminating these types of problems. Best solutions require understanding the hierarchy of all these problems - from the most core to the least core or peripheral. Peripheral problems stem from core problems.

Don't confuse core vs. peripheral with biggest or most challenging at any moment in time. Actually most core problems are not even on most people's radars. Core problems are often hidden from the masses of our world.

TAP exists to improve the public understanding of our civilization's core problems.

Personal Freedom vs. Altruistic Freedom

Personal freedom is what TAP suggests is the core problem of today's world and its solution is the advancement of altruistic freedom.

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TAP Future+ starts by providing better understanding of this core problem, personal freedom - with focus on its solution, altruistic freedom.

TAP suggests there's way too much personal freedom today - so much, that most citizens are producing more net harm than net good - toward our purpose as one humanity across all time.

It's solution is altruistic freedom or the freedom to do anything that will net more help than harm to others, especially future humanity.

One related and  interconnected problem of today's world is there's no agreement on what is our purpose as one humanity. Many believe we are here to maximize our personal happiness on our personal journey, so these minds tend to support maximum personal freedom rights. A minority of global citizens believe we are here to advance humanity as one entity in a more universal game. TAP is all about this type of purpose - more about the whole than about the self. 

But it's not all the latter and none of the former - instead the trick is creating a better balance of the two. We each must balance when to be more selfish vs. when to be more helpful to others.

TAP suggests, this balancing act begin with always assessing the helpfulness vs. harmfulness of each of our daily action decisions - before we execute them

How will this, that I will next do, help or harm future humanity?

Altruistic freedom is the concept of allowing everyone to make their own free-choice decision - as long as the action will produce more help than harm for the future. It allows this, in the context of longer-term net assessment of multiple actions - knowing sometimes our more selfish decisions will do more harm, but in the longer game play - we net more helpfulness outcome.

The key is to be conscious and aware of our overall play strategy.

Humans naturally tend to be more selfish when young and more altruistic as we age and grow wiser. The game cannot allow the young to be completely selfish in hopes that wisdom and altruism emerge later in life - to balance the earlier selfishness harm done. Instead we need everyone, at all stages of life, to be continuously assessing. We must teach this best practice from the earliest possible age.

How can I help?

You can start today and begin to think more broadly about your daily decisions and actions.

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TAP Future+ is about making small changes to our daily lives toward the goal of bringing about future improvement.

The government, corporations, political leadership, celebrities, the media, etc. - are not going to be the catalysts of near-future improvement. They are just playing the game at hand. It's going to take you and us to bring about the necessary changes.

These are some of the ways you can start helping today:

An example of the freedoms dilemma

My latest hospital stay.

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A few weeks ago my appendix burst. This sent me to the emergency room, scans and then surgery. I was quickly sent home to only then be sent back with abscesses. Another procedure to deal with them with a few more days of antibiotics and a drain.

During this last stay I was in a room with another patient who was recovering from pancreatitis. He had his TV on all the time - mostly on his preferred news channel. 

The problem was not the particular network that he preferred, but instead that it was loud and disruptive to me on the other side of the curtain. And that the hospital staff did not do anything - even after we asked them to do something. Even when the guy fell asleep and was snoring - they would not turn it off or down.

I'm sure it's the hospitals policy to not impinge of the patient's personal rights. They probably struggled with this many times before. It's better to disrupt me, the one seeking quiet, than to disrupt the one generating the noise. In lies the dilemma. 

I'm sure the guy was mostly clueless. He was doing what was best for him. He was not thinking about what he was doing to negatively impact my stay in the hospital.

Unfortunately, this guy is more the norm than the exception. I'm the opposite personality type - someone who thinks of others more frequently than self. Not always but hopefully, more often than less often.

Today's world actually encourages this less desirable behavior from its citizens. TAP will suggest this is a core problem today. 

To begin to bring about significant future improvement, we must shift away from personal freedom expansion. We must educate with the altruistic freedom concepts and practices. Do what's best for greater humanity and force individuals into playing a less selfish game.

Deception, lying, skewing facts & science

How these accepted practices are killing us all.

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Today's world allows its citizens to lie and deceive others to get advantage in the game, especially in commerce. The trick is to not get caught, so it's all about creating the right balance of fact with a sprinkling of exaggeration.

There's a very gray area between white lies that do little harm and black lies that do a lot of harm. TAP will always recommend honesty, even if it harms someone in the short term. Lying almost always harms more in the long term.

Selfishness is a mass epidemic of today's world. Self-righteousness too. Entitlement also. Sense of community is lost to many. We have our families and close friends and everyone else does not matter. They exist to be taken advantage of and used for our own betterment of situation. Especially if they think differently - then it's OK to take advantage, bully, harm and even kill.

Is this really what the universe was created for? Is this really what the universal game is all about?

Imagine aliens finding their way to our world. Imagine if they understood the universe as most humans do today. Imagine them taking advantage of our planet, its resources and all us humans. Doing nothing more than what some humans do to other humans.

TAP suggests that these practices were not the intention of the universe. Instead we are evolving to figure out the truth of the universe.

Now imagine an alternative universal design - one where we are supposed to be considering all possible perspectives. Often perspectives that can get us closer to the truth than remaining within our self-righteous bubbles. Imagine a universe where we are supposed to be sharing and learning from these advanced-intelligent aliens. They evolved too and went through all the same problems we humans are going through. The only difference is they collectively figured out the truth and prevented their inevitable extinction.

TAP and TAPable exist to create a resource for working toward this truth. Not by focusing on the truth itself, no one can say for sure what is truth, but instead by encouraging honesty and working out, what might be closer to the truth from this vantage point of honesty.

We could ask the aliens what is the universal truth, but all we would get is their perspective and present understanding. They will not know, for sure, either. It would not be guaranteed to be universal truth. But it could help us humans find some new discoveries that get us a little closer.

Any civilization that lies and deceives its own people will eventually go extinct. The pursuit of truth with honesty is what will prevent extinction.

TAP suggests its all this simple a game!

Today's failing model

What's really going on?

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Today's human civilization model is in serious trouble. All the science experts tell much the same story - We have little time left before it all starts to unravel - and it will not be a quick and simple event. Instead you will have to make some horrific decisions: kill your neighbors or kill yourself.

Who engineered today's model?

Leadership has always been the architect. Everything that is today - exists to give leadership game advantage. Every law, rule and tool helps them more than it can help you - unless you become one of them. Yes, their model allows some like-minded individuals to join them and to carry the same model into the future. [A side note - I was actually invited to become one of them with TAP.]

Why's it failing now?

Their model seemed to work fine for thousands of years, so why is it failing now? A few factors:

First know that other models can support even more humans. The trick is to change the other factors. For example, change the economic submodel and our world can flourish again. So it's not over yet, but radical change of our model MUST take place.


The special kind.

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Are you aware there are different types of happiness?

Most people are very familiar with the many conscious types:

Most people are not aware of the most important type  that TAP calls special happiness. It's mostly an unconscious form of happiness, but it's ease enough to move it to your consciousness.

Years ago now, after years of research and focus on my own lack of happiness, I made the discovery of special happiness. Something that every one of us pursue on a daily basis with almost every communication attempt we make. An innate driving force within all of us. Special happiness is the unconscious reward the universe gives us for this critically important reality of being an advanced intelligent being.

We are social creatures, but why?

My discovery has everything to do with this hidden pursuit and its reward, special happiness. 

What's going on in our minds?

The universe exists to pursue what might be universal truth. We are all players of this game. We each are on a personal journey.

This pursuit requires at least one other perceived intelligent being to communicate with, but the more the better. This is why most of us seek celebrity status and large numbers of followers of our personal reality, our beliefs and our shared understanding of our world and our universe.

Nearly every communication attempt we craft and engineer is really a test case for our minds to tweak its story of understanding and belief. It's the feedback we get that fuels this mostly subconscious process.

The cool thing with this process is that the feedback need not be just positive feedback - negative feedback is often just as good. Meaning disagreement feedback from our target audience helps us equally well as agreement feedback.

We tweak our knowledge base and our beliefs based on both types of feedback - strengthening our present beliefs with agreement feedback and altering or tweaking our beliefs with disagreement feedback. Or we do even more testing with other target audience members - meaning rerun similar tests with other family members and friends or followers.

It requires a lot of work to do all this, so anytime we can kill multiple birds with a single stone - we do this. With social media, this becomes much easier too. Post something that many might experience and respond too. This is the game now with today's social media technology tools. Share stories and comments and see if anything we share elicits feedback.

Celebrities have great game advantage - because with one tweet or post they can get thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. This is why, even you, seek more followers. You subconsciously understand the game process.

The process works, even if you only have one person in your life to share with. It even works with non-human perceived intelligent entities, like with your God or your pet. All that is required is you believe they are listening and providing you feedback - independent of whether its real or not.

For me, this discovery, which seamlessly connects to the greater purpose of our universe makes great sense. It's evidence that my beliefs about our universe might be closer to the universal truth. I'm not saying I'm right. I may be totally off base. I just need others to present more plausible explanations. I like to think my mind is quite open to alternative possibility.


A real possibility.

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Imagine a new model that includes the option of you positively impacting the world after your body has died.

This is totally possible with TAP.

How's this possible?

It's made possible with TAP AI.

TAP AI is nothing like today's AI. TAP AI is personal AI. Today's AI is mostly about commerce profitability.  TAP AI is about making your unique life easier and happier.

TAP AI requires little to no intelligence training or building. Instead it's core innovation employs social mirroring theory. TAP AI automatically generates intelligent response whenever a player is unable to respond - when called upon in the game. For whatever reason that prevents the player from responding in person - even death.

This is how you can continue to positively impact the world after your death. But many other ways too - once the platform is initially built and launched.

How might a real virtual afterlife impact the notion of suicide?

Imagine a world where most citizens participate in the parallel virtual TAP world. Imagine a life of preparing your avatar for your physical passing. Imagine hating your physical life but loving your TAP life. Imagine hating your physical life so much that you would prefer to exit the physical world sooner than later. Will you also delete your avatar from the TAP world? Total suicide vs. just physical suicide?

After your physical death you have 100% control of what your avatar will and will not do for the future world.

TAP AI is response-only AI - meaning your avatar cannot initiate anything on its own. TAP AI requires a real human being interact with your avatar or ask it for its input or response. This is key - as today's AI is sometimes doing all kinds of unexpected and bad things. TAP AI is engineered to prevent this from ever happening. 

So imagine some family member or friend asking to interact with your avatar after you are gone. This is what the TAP afterlife includes - in addition to your avatar remaining an active member of your TAP interest groups (communities).

Would you participate in this type of afterlife world?

TAP economy

Fueled with creativity and endlessly sustainable without negatively impacting our biosphere.

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TAP comes with an alternative economic submodel.

It includes a whole new type of global-generational currency that remains very consistent across all time. We call this currency TAP$ and it's digital in design, but very different than cryptocurrency of today's world. Lots of detail to share about TAP$, but let's focus on the TAP economy in this article.

The TAP economy is fueled by creativity vs. any physical commodities. It has two primary objectives:

No endless growth objective, which is an impossible goal in long-term universal reality. There's actually nothing physical in the universe that produces endless growth. Everything eventually uses up the available energy and dies.

Money is just a tool and is extremely constrained in the TAP economy. Money is an important component of the TAP economy. No one can ever acquire much more than anyone else, though increase is possible. So money no longer is a primary objective - from a personal perspective. All the criminal behavior, today's money allows, dissolves away in the TAP economy.

So what's the new personal goal of working citizens?

Citizens' 'work' (valued activity) for happiness, helpfulness and improvement by means of reducing wastefulness and increasing efficiency of everything.  There activity and inactivity also help determine what things they will get to build a good life with. Everyone can't have everything in the TAP world. Everything is limited and shared with future generations.

Who gets what in the TAP economy?

This is a very important question - because everyone cannot have everything.

Individuals must prioritize their needs and wants. And because everyone has about the same amount of money - to get something one must often sacrifice other things of life's possibilities.

In the TAP economy, who gets what often comes down to how good a citizen you are. How helpful are you in the present world and especially toward helping the future world? Those who sacrifice are often chosen to receive the limited item, service or experience.

In the TAP world and economy, real people ultimately decide who gets what. Think about the surgeon who has limited time and must decide who gets her time now. The chosen ones get her service and the non-chosen don't get it - suffer more and may die because of the ultimate decision by the decision-maker. The surgeon does not decide based on money, but instead because of the helpfulness of the specific person seeking her help.

This same decision principle plays out over and over on a daily basis with all resources, products, services and experiences of the TAP world.

The trick of the game is to be the best person you can possibly be. This ultimately encourages more altruistic behavior than selfish behavior - all throughout one's life.


A very different design for global-generational currency that helps eliminate many peripheral problems.

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TAP$ is present-centric currency engineered to not be savable or to negatively impact the future. The future is taken care of exactly the same as the present. Each future economic cycle will have the same potential and rules. Preventing the present from taking from the future is key to the TAP$ design.

TAP$ is created out of thin air and totally destroyed each cycle. It's digital, 100% trackable and transparent. The amount that gets created each cycle is directly a function of a segment of the total living population of humans. Think of this as a new type of gold standard.

TAP$ ultimately is how each citizen gets the things they need for creating a good life - within the limits of the model. The model controls people more than leadership controlling people. People naturally break rules - whereas a model is much harder to manipulate to one's advantage.

All the TAP$ within any cycle period is 100% trackable by any citizen - meaning you can monitor all transactions - your own or other citizens. No economic activity is hideable.

The model also demands budgeting and complete balancing with all TAP$s. There's always a use it or lose it design principle. It all gets deleted at the end of each cycle.

Because TAP$ can never be passed into the next cycle almost all future-money concepts are eliminated in the TAP world. No more savings, insurance, taxes, speculative investment, interest rates, etc. The only concept that exists is accumulated credit toward some specific future purchase. So vs. saving money for same unknown future thing - everyone must specify exactly what they want to purchase and accumulate enough credit to receive the thing in the future. This can be done as an individual or a group. TAP credit is never transferable. If something happens then it too dissolves away vs. being transferred. For example you can accumulate credit for a vacation package for yourself alone. If you die then all those credits get deleted. They do not get transferred to the package provider. Or maybe your home unit group wants to purchase a new appliance. Each member can contribute credit toward this future purchase. In this case it does not matter if you die. Your contribution credits remain in the pot. Once the total purchase amount is in the pot then the home unit will get the appliance for the dwelling. No one owns the appliance - instead it becomes part of the dwelling unit. Understanding that dwelling units are also continuously up for grabs by others who might propose more efficient temporary usage arrangements. For example including one one person than you have in your use group. (Increased efficiency is one of the two core objectives of the TAP economy.)

Everything purchasable has two cost components:

With the TAP economy, the former resource cost component TAP$s gets removed from the cycle with each purchase. The latter labor cost component remains in the cycle. As each cycle progresses the total TAP$ diminishes in the cycle. This helps to limit what each present cycle population can do to negatively impact or harm the biosphere and the future.


How investment is done in the TAP economy.

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Gifting is the term used by TAP that is the solution for investing in individuals, groups and world-improvement efforts. You can gift to a family member or friend, a neighbor in need or a collaboration group that you believe is developing something that would benefit the future world.

Gifting usually happens as part of your cycle budgeting process. Often any extra TAP$ you receive each cycle get auto-gifted to some recipient person(s) or group(s). Again, because extra unbudgeted money ultimately will be deleted vs. put to work in the economy.

You can gift a set amount or a percentage of any extra unbudgeted TAP$s. You can specify that the gifting happens at the last instant of a cycle. This gives you the ability to wait and make sure you don't need any more money for some unanticipated situation that might arise in the period.

The beginning of a cycle is called the alpha. The end of a cycle is called the omega. Everyone gets their personal TAP$ at the alpha. All TAP$ get deleted at the omega. But the instant before the omega - lots of transactions happen. Most people and groups auto transfer any extra TAP$s into TAP credit for the next cycle. Again, credit is the only thing transferable into the future. TAP$s cannot be transferred. Credits must be specified toward some future purchase. Credits cannot be generally accumulated for future decision-making. This way the whole world always knows what's being planned. There's no concept of accumulating wealth in the TAP world.

The natural tendency of humans is to do what is necessary in the present to improve present life. Negative world events happen all the time. TAP disallows present humanity from harming future humanity - by preventing them from taking or stealing from the future. If a negative event happens in a present cycle - it can only be addressed by reprioritizing discretionary purchases and/or gifting within that cycle. The present cannot solve new problems by taking from the future. This tends to establish better balance and consistency across all time.

All individuals and groups must have their next-cycle budgeting done before the alpha of the next cycle. All mandatory expenditures and purchases happen the instant after the alpha - meaning most money is expensed at the beginning of each new cycle. Citizens prepay for the cycle's living solutions or leases or temporary usage. For example dwelling use expense or rent - it is paid at the beginning of the cycle for the full duration of the cycle. Again, no future-money burden or risk in the TAP world.

If you can't afford that particular dwelling or if some other group outbids (offers more) then you will need to seek alternatives that you can afford. Budgeting for the next cycle is always due at the half-cycle point - meaning you must submit your next-cycle budget proposal well before the next cycle alpha moment. This gives everyone time to react to any changes brought on by others proposing better usage solutions.

Think of gifting as what you will do with any extra unbudgeted TAP$s. Given to those that you believe will develop further future improvements.


How education works in the TAP world.

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The TAP world separates the economy and education. All education is free across one's whole life. No one can sell anything having to do with education. There are no paid teachers or schools.

Think about two separate internets - one for commerce and the other for free education.

Education in the TAP world is self-driven or freely guided. Every citizen is considered a student for life. Each student makes independent choices or accepts the freely-given guidance of other(s): family members, friends, collab colleagues, interest-group members, etc.

Every citizen, early on in life, has a primary objective, when it comes to education - to become an independent citizen. Only independent citizens receive the economic cycle stipend, that they then independently budget and expense to create a good life with.

Independence is the primary reward for establishing a good education, knowledge base and general understanding of the model, the world, the future and the universe.

In the TAP world education is more about becoming a generalist than a specialist. Generalists are much better at understanding the interconnectedness of everything. They tend to make better decisions and perform better actions for helping the future. This is not to say that a generalist cannot also establish expertise in a specialized field - you can. It's just more beneficial to work toward becoming a best generalist before focusing on a specialty field of study or work.

The typical citizen of the TAP world must become comfortable and competent with:

Once all these independence areas of study are mastered then independence application is a natural next step in the process. There's no set age milestone when a person can apply for and achieve independence. I young child can achieve independence.

Some individuals with certain disabilities may never achieve independence.

Until independence is achieved each individual is the responsibility of their biological parents or guardian(s). In the TAP world, society is not responsible for non-independent persons. The risk and burden is that of the bio-parents while they are alive. It's this way to make parenting a much more serious consideration. Parents must take care of their children up until the moment of independence and the resources come exclusively from the parents or gifting to the parents. If a child is born with physical or psychological disabilities then the parents must adjust their lives to provide proper care for their dependents. Again, society will not always help alleviate this burden of care.

Understand that in the TAP world there's always the option of producing virtual children - instead of physical children. More about virtual children in a subsequent article.

Independence is assessed and rewarded from four living independent citizens. For each student seeking independence the four independent assessors are established based on an innovative called the TAP ring.

The TAP ring

Used to establish independence assessment and achievement.

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TAPable is engineered to create an new form of entity identity called TAP ID. There are two main types of entities in the TAP world:

Group ID is automatically generated by combining all group member personal IDs.

Within any group (or grouping) individuals are arranged in a ring based on a specified set of dynamic identity attributes. You get positioned between the two individuals you are most similar to. One, the most similar - based on the set of specified attributes, of these two is assigned as your mostlike.

On the opposite side of the ring, from you, is your leastlike.

Then both clockwise and counterclockwise of you is assigned two more individuals called your halflikes.

When it comes to assessing your qualification for independence, these four individuals are your assessors.

The group or community used is a special group established to assess and reward independence. It's a volunteer group of citizens with special interest in establishing independence. Each accepts the potential of being an assessor and the duties the role demands.

There's no rule book for assessing independence, but three out of four assessors must simultaneously conclude independence has been achieved. This is based on responses the subject person provides across all the understanding areas of study. Generally, a candidate must demonstrate adequate understanding of all study areas. The failure to understand even one area can result in a negative assessment.

Candidates who fail are given clear indication of why they failed.

The TAP ring is a power tool used in other areas of the TAP world - not just independence. Mostlikes and leastlikes are referenced all the time. Even groups have mostlikes and leastlikes. They are great references for learning everything, tweaking and improving understanding and establishing our beliefs of what is 'truth' vs. 'nontruth'.


TAP identity helps everyone better understand honesty.

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A big problem in today's world is that individuals and groups establish their own identity for each particular situation. You can one person in one group and a totally different personality in another. You need not be honest either.

But in the TAP world things are very different. You only have one identity and it goes with you everywhere. You can attempt to change your identity, but these changes instantaneously change your ID everywhere else in the world. TAP forces you to think more deeply about making changes to your TAP ID.

TAP ID is not fully controlled by you. There are both direct and indirect components that automatically establish your ID. You change change a preference at any moment in time but you cannot go back in time and change your historical record.

TAP tracks a lot of things about how you play the game within the TAPable tool. Things like where you explore, what you participate in and even what you avoid. Also- the groups you join and leave, your home base and your lists and list changes across time. All these things are components of your TAP ID.

Groups automatically establish similar IDs, but these are the combinations of their members IDs. No one member gets to specify what a group ID is.

It becomes almost impossible to manipulate TAP ID. To get the most personal help from the tool every participant is encouraged to just be honest at all times. Dishonesty becomes really easy to detect in the TAPable tool. A high dishonesty factor will send others running away from you, your avatar and your infocomm contributions.

TAPable is all about honesty and not so much about establishing 'truth'. 'Truth' is too problematic to try to work with. There's just no reliable resource that is able to accurately discern fact from fiction. This is not to say that there can never be fact, probability and/or accurate historical record. There can be and TAPable helps with this too, but it's not its primary objective.

More important than fact or 'truth' statements is the identity of the source making the statements. It's critically important to understand the identity and to know it's a truer, most honest, identity - be it a person or a group delivering this infocomm.

Core problems vs. peripheral problems

Why's it so important to establish this type of hierarchy with world problems?

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Before viable solutions can be co-created, we must better understand the nature of the problems the solutions will address.

TAP Future+ has identified what it sees as being the core problem of today's world - too much personal freedom. But there are other core problems and personal freedom may not be the the most core of them all. For example, prior to moving personal freedom to the top of the list, TAP had misunderstanding as the top core problem.

Core problems are quite different than biggest problems. For example many people of today's world believe climate change is one of the biggest problems facing humanity today. But the climate change problem is actually a peripheral problem - the result of a more core problem(s). TAP will suggest that climate change is the result of a terrible civilization model design. A design that has a unsustainable economic submodel that demands profitability at any cost to the environment and biosphere.  A design that allows deception of important infocomm and ignores science and the probability of disastrous near-term outcomes.

Many big problems of today's world are actually peripheral problems and not core problems. Many peripheral problems can dissolve away - if solutions are created for the more core problems that are more foundational.

It's very important to establish the core importance hierarchy of all problems. Perhaps one of the most important TAPable lists to be worked on. With this list in place, more viable solution co-creation can be engineered. It all starts at the top with the most core problem. Its specific solution will impact everything below it - both the problems and their solutions. The #2 core problem then gets addressed, but with full understanding of the interconnection to the #1 solution. So forth and so on - all the way down the list.

Who's to say what is the most core problem?

Today's world has no one reliable unbiased resource for what is accepted as the best present understanding. Instead our world has competing resources and almost all are biased and have hidden agendas. Our world needs a single resource that delivers the best of the best infocomm. 

This is what TAPable seeks to become - the go-to resource for the best possible important infocomm.

Imagine a situation where real aliens come to our planet...

They want to communicate with us humans.

Who will speak for all of humanity?

We presently have no solution for this, but TAPable does provide the solution.

TAPable has the capability of generating a single intelligent for for all of humanity. TAP calls this voice the unity voice. The unity voice can ask logical questions and/or provide logical responses to other's questions.

Think about asking these aliens our very first question. Think about our humanity providing a response to the alien's very first question to us.

The smartest human being, our situational leader, is not required. Instead TAPable lists are created to co-create responses and follow-up questions.

TAPable can also have a list that prioritizes problems - from most core to least core. The least core is the same as the most peripheral. The unity voice delivers a list that is the best agreement from all perspectives of human understanding.  It's not necessarily 'truth' - instead just momentary honesty. Honesty that is our combined resulting agreement - maybe with a little error or a lot of error included in it.

Agreement is a powerful resource. Especially the agreement between combatant minds. TAPable works equally well whether minds are alike or very different. There's always agreement to be revealed.

Humanity does not need a visit from aliens to need a tool like TAPable. It can help us as we are today - mostly lost in our misunderstanding.

We can start creating these lists right now. TAP recommends starting with this core problems list. It will provide our world the most help now.

TAP good governance

Way better than today's democracy.

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Today's world does not have a great solution for collaboration and group self-governance. It's solutions are inundated with corruption and self-interest problems. Even democracy is full of design problems that give advantage to leadership and take advantage of the constituents.

Participation is a major problem within governance and collaboration.

TAPable is a great alternative solution. It works for any type or size group. It can easily be the tool for global good governance - helping to make us all feel like we are one humanity working toward an agreed long-term objective. These objectives automatically emerge in time, stay consistent or change with new discoveries and new events.

All that is required is trust. Simple enough to say, but a whole other manner to actually establish.

A trustworthy solution must be:

This is how TAPable was engineered.

TAP AI and the TAPable avatar are the key innovations. Every participant is given a avatar that becomes a proxy within group collaboration - groups at every level of civilization and society - from family units to global matters.

It works equally well for groups of two or groups of billions.

The key is how it always automatically finds group agreement - without argument or debate. Simply with shared honesty.

TAPable is engineered to work - even when a great majority of participants cannot find the time to directly respond. Your avatar will always respond for you - if you don't. And you 100% control exactly how it responds. No more rogue elected corruptible government officials, like is too often the case with democracy.

Collaboration and governance ultimately seeks the very best group decision-making. What do we believe is the best next-step decision and action? Then to execute these and move quickly to the next most pressing issue and continuously repeat.

TAPable generates these group decisions in a very timely manner. No group member can ever become a process obstacle. No group member ever is given more power than any other group member. The automated process solution keeps everything moving forward.

TAP good governance wants everyone to participate and share their understanding. Once trust is established then the rest is all taken care of.

A new type of leadership emerges with TAPable. TAP leaders are individuals who best understand the interconnectedness of everything, especially the problems and the solutions. TAP leaders are experts in understanding the entire civilization model and its impact on our world. TAP leaders also understand what might be universal truth. TAP leader are more altruistic than selfish. They advocate first for the future and a more balanced and sustainable future - a future where humanity flourishes within a more balanced biosphere.

You can become a TAP leader. Anyone can, with enough effort given the objective.

TAPable is a game to be played. The ultimate reward is to become a governance and collaboration leader that others repeatedly mirror. 

Ultimately, we all need the very best understanding with which to make the best next-step decisions. Not just for ourselves, but for future humanity to thrive.


What does this look like in the TAP world?

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Today's world is very entertainment focused. TAP would suggest way too much a primary objective.

It's an easy way to escape the awful realities of today's world.

Entertainment has even invaded the traditional more-serious and important components of life, like important infocomm, governance, education and economics.

Entertainment easily and naturally incorporates fiction. It's the nature of the beast. It's happened so long now that most people can no longer distinguish fact from fiction.

Today's infocomm tools combine entertainment with factual knowledge sources. The news is more entertainment than helpful factual infocomm. It's a core problem of today's world. Education too blurs knowledge with entertainment augmentation.

The TAP world still has every form of entertainment. What's different is the two realms of infocomm remain more separated. TAPable is not so much a tool for entertainment purposes. It can produce entertaining lists, but more important is what these lists do to improve factual infocomm.

Lists can exist in TAPable that provide entertaining infocomm, like what's the greatest film of all time or who's the best actor still living today? Interesting for some to discover what is various group agreement, but not what TAP defines as important decision-making knowledge.

TAPable does not allow storytelling or opinion sharing in anything other than a list. The lists do tell stories though and besides being educational - many will find them entertaining too.

Citizens of the possible near-future TAP world will naturally possess a much better distinction between entertainment value and knowledge-base value.