New Hope Products Company

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NHPC's Mission

NHPC is the home of TAP. TAP = Toward Alternative Possibility. TAP is all about envisioning and transitioning to an improved near-future world, here on planet Earth. TAP 'improvement' includes better balance of everything toward endless sustainability of humanity within the scientific limitations of our biosphere.



THE PLACE is a YA fantasy  fiction book (series) introducing kids to TAP principles and solutions.

TAP TrashTalk

TAP TrashTalk is a sub-initiative introducing people to TAP principles and solutions by way of beach & roadway litter cleanup efforts.

TAP Future+

TAP Future+ is a sub-initiative introducing  people to core problems and their required prerequisite solutions.  Learn more.


TAPable is a future-improvement starting place 'tool' in the form of a fun game introducing a new and improved way to do important infocomm. Learn more.



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