We are like-minded people who value all of humanity equally - no matter the specific beliefs or understanding. We advocate for those not born into the world yet, especially those of distant (10,000 years into the future) generations to come.

TAP Leadership

TAP's not about its discoverer or its original supporters. TAP must stand on its own. We all will be gone soon enough.

TAP suggests that everything discovered has always existed in the 'ether' of the universe. We don't get to own it - because we are the first of our species to discover it. We simply get to temporarily use it - hopefully for the betterment of humanity.

Kennebunkport Acton Academy students

Meet the team

Most of us volunteer time, money and effort - toward helping to promote TAP principles and its alternative world-improvement solutions.

Just a few volunteers

Joe Shumaker

Mary Shumaker



Anh Mai-Price

Patricia Burke

Kirstan Watson

Charlie Watson

Nancy Osa

Join the team

We always want to add more open-minded persons to our team of TAP supporters. It's up to you, what you do next to help promote TAP. We are all here to help you with your efforts.