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Better solutions

Not until we better understand problems will we be able to co-create viable long-term solutions.

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Everything of life and our world interconnects - including all model-generated problems and universal challenges.

Humanity can reduce or even eliminate model-generated problems. All that can be done with universal challenges is to prepare for when these events emerge in time.

Universal challenges are things like:

TAP asks everyone to focus on the model-generated or human-generated problems.

TAP sees a hierarchical interconnection with all model-generated problems, especially if we assess which are more core vs. more peripheral.

Core means more causal of other problems. Peripheral means more an offshoot of the core problems. For example, climate change is more a peripheral problem created from a poorly designed and unsustainable civilization model.

With a hierarchical (linear) listing of all problems as a reference - better solution co-creation results. And the very first solution starts at the top of the core problem list. Create a solution for it first. This solution will impact every other problem and their solutions. Work downward from the top to the bottom. Each new solution will interconnect too. Some higher-up solutions will actually make some peripheral problems dissolve away.